Zinc May Harm the Retina: New Finding

by Dan Roberts
March 2007
BBC News announced on March 18, 2007 that researchers at London’s Institute of Ophthalmology think the mineral zinc may play a role in the development of AMD. The study, published in Experimental Eye Research, found that drusen containing high levels of zinc may contribute to progression of the disease. When asked for her opinion on this new development, nutritionist Ellen Troyer, CEO of BioSyntrx, Inc., said:
“I’m carefully watching these studies. There is another study published in the Journal of Urology that links the ARED study participants to a much higher incidence of kidney problems. We [at BioSyntrx] repeatedly have said in every talk we give (as has every biochemist I know) that 80 mg of zinc is way too much for daily consumption, and that has been our position since the ARED study was published. This does not mean, however, that we should not supplement with reasonable amounts of zinc, because it is vital to good health. And it is beyond appalling that they continue to use zinc oxide when there are much safer forms of zinc.”
We will continue to stay in touch with Ms Troyer for updates. Meanwhile, anyone taking the AREDS formula containing high amounts of zinc may want to consider switching to a multi-supplement with less.

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