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  • Assistive Media
  • Thef Achromatopsia Network
    Information and support for achromatopsia. Rod and blue cone monochromacy.
  • The Association for the Visually Impaired, Inc. (AVI)
    A 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1973, serving blind and severely visually impaired residents of Rockland and Orange Counties in New York.
  • Audio-Reader
    From the Kansas Radio Reading Service for the Blind.
  • Family Village
    A global community of disability related resources.
  • Hot Braille
    Free online Braille transcribing.
  • iBUG Today
    iBUG (iBlind Users Group) is dedicated in helping the blind and visually impaired community become more proficient in using the accessibility features of the Apple iOS1 Devices.
  • IBM Accessibility Center
    Product and service information for people with disabilities, and for human resource professionals.
  • The ITCH Network
    Free technical assistance and advice in homes and day centres for people with disabilities in 10 UK regions
  • iTips
    Helpful information about how to find and use low vision accessibility options on iDevices
  • Lion Net International
    More than 41,000 clubs in 180 countries initiate service projects in their own communities.
  • Macular Degeneration Foundation
    Information and support. Telephone help line and free quarterly newsletter.
  • Macular Degeneration Network
    General information
  • MD Forum
    Message board and chat room for people with macular degeneration.
  • MD List
    E-Mail discussion group for people with macular degeneration.
  • MD Support, Inc.
    Provides information and support for people dealing with macular degeneration and related diseases of the retina which lead to blindness or other vision impairment.
  • Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE)
    Support groups for rare eye disease.
  • WebRN-Macular Degeneration.com
    Prevention of macular degeneration and help for those living with it.
  • ACB Radio
    Live streaming radio from the American Council of the Blind.
  • As I See It Podcast
    A worldwide community of people whose lives have been impacted by vision loss, a community which can benefit greatly from the advice and stories of some key individuals.
  • Blind Abilities
    Bridging the gap between the limited expectations and realities of blind abilities.
  • Eyes on Success
    A half-hour weekly radio program and podcast which discusses products, services and daily living tips for people with vision loss.
  • In Focus
    An assistive technology podcast produced by Vision Forward.
  • The Intravitreous Injection Podcast
    Join host John D. Pitcher, III, MD, as he explores issues related to the patient’s perspective of intravitreal injections. Subscribe to receive new episodes as they are released.