Top 10 Misconceptions About Blindness

Pop quiz from Orcam . . .
You’re at a dinner party and your host introduces you to one of the other guests in attendance. The other guest is holding a white cane and wearing sunglasses so you come to the conclusion that they are blind. What do you do?
A. Begin conversing with the other guest in a loud voice, to ensure that he can hear you.
B. Ask your new acquaintance if he would like to feel your face so that he can know what you look like.
C. Share a story that you recently read on Facebook about a blind person that regained their sight using home remedies, and offer to send your new acquaintance the link.
D. Introduce yourself and begin a conversation in the same way that you normally do when you meet someone new.
If you picked A, B, or C then this article is for you.