Time Between Lucentis and Eylea Treatments Found To Be Similar

The principal difference between the two leading FDA-approved anti-VEGF drugs, Eylea and Lucentis for treatment of retinal hemorrhage has been accepted as the difference in length of time between injections. A new study, however, found no significant difference in injection scheduling between the drugs. The overall mean days between injections differed by only 1.8 days in the two groups of patients. The 6 months analyses included 319 Eylea patients and 1,054 Lucentis patients, and the 12 month analyses included 57 Eylea patients and 374 Lucentis patients. The study was sponsored by Genentech Pharmaceuticals, makers of Lucentis.
If these results continue to hold true in clinical use, this would effectively negate the main factor in deciding which drug to use, since the cost differs by only about $100 per treatment. The report appears in the December 2013 issue of Advances in Therapy
Read the study report

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