Isn’t it amazing? You set out in life with a vision of a straight, smoothly-paved road along which you plan to travel unhindered into the future. But sometimes barriers block your way. You then have a choice to either stop and give up, or to shoulder your bag and take the detours.

And that’s the amazing part. There will always be detours, which will take you in some very interesting directions. And every time you return to the main road from one of those adventures, your bag will be a little heavier with the stuff you have picked up: souvenirs, hitchhikers, treasures, even some trash. It’s all in there, and good or bad, it is a unique collection.

You may be afraid right now; but, hopefully, your fear of the unknown will not stop you from taking the detours, because that’s where you will find all of us. And when we all finally get to the end of the road, we’ll throw down our stuff, give one another a big hug, and say, “Wow, that was some trip!”