Amidst Familiar Settings

Suddenly I’m a stranger
in this world I call my home.
Amidst familiar settings
I sometimes feel alone.

My eye sight’s growing dimmer
and the sounds of life grow faint.
I’m almost like the artist
who’s misplaced his tube of paint.

My friends all tend to holler and
to grab my arm and shove,
To see I walk a straight line
and I know it’s done with love.

The family doesn’t understand
because I seem a little strange.
When I insist familiar’s better
that it’s hard to deal with change.

Folks always seem to question
when your eyesight’s not so keen.
Sometimes they think you’ve snubbed them
when in fact they were not seen.

To tell the truth it’s easier
to sit at home and mope,
But all the work is waiting
for me to learn to cope.

I still retain my talents
and with God’s boundless grace,
I’ll overcome life’s challenges
and meet them face to face.

I’m oft’ in need of guidance
and my foolish pride must start
to realize, with clouded eyes
I still see, with my heart.

When I tend to get discouraged
and feel I’m not quite whole,
I place myself in Heaven’s Hands
and listen, with my soul.