New Web Tool Lets AMD Patients Map Their Visual Fields At Home

One of the frustrations of visual impairment is the difficulty of explaining our vision to others. We often hear things like, “How did you see that? I thought you were blind!”

Another issue we deal with is how to personally keep track of our vision changes throughout the progression of our disease. Our eye doctors have highly technical and expensive equipment that shows them how we see. But we are not usually privy to such information, and if we do get copies of our exams, how do we make sense of them?
Now there’s a way. A new partnership between Macular Degeneration Support (MD Support) and Health Storylines has yielded the first home exam that creates an image of our visual field. Dan Roberts, founding director of MD Support and creator of the Visual Field Self-Exam, says, “This is a simple and effective tool for not only tracking our vision, but for enlightening our family and friends.”

AMD Health Storylines has made the exam available for free on their website, along with many other tools to help people live well with AMD. Among those are symptom and medication trackers, complete information about AMD, eye appointments, records of personal health information, and opportunities to connect with other AMD patients. All information is securely stored and password-protected.