New Book On Eye Nutrition Answers Common Questions

Leading nutrition expert Jeffrey Anshel, OD, FAAO, has just published a new book titled “What You Must Know about Food and Supplements for Optimal Vision Care.” It is a practical guide to diets, supplements and lifestyles for peak ocular health, with excellent information about how to integrate supplements with mainstream medical treatments whenever appropriate.
Dr. Anshel’s book is unique in that it is totally devoid of commercialism and does not favor any single treatment over another. It simply presents the information in a clear and concise manner, leaving methodology up to the patient and the patient’s professional caregiver.
The information is presented in three parts:
1. An overview of nutritional principles
2. A list of common eye disorders and includes handy charts that detail nutritional and herbal treatments useful for alleviating each disorder
3. Further guidance about dietary approaches to eye health
It also includes important information about the interaction of foods and supplemental nutrients to over-the-counter medications and pharmaceutical drugs.
Dr. Anshel points out that “The latest US government statistics suggest that only 11 percent of the population actually consumes five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.” He also reports that nearly 60% of the US population is now considered malnourished and clinically obese, which means moderate nutrient-dense food consumption is nowhere near the norm in this country. Ophthalmic professionals, he says, can help address this nationwide health crisis by discussing the roles that diet, nutrition, supplementation and portion control play in degenerative eye disease.
“What You Must Know about Food and Supplements for Optimal Vision Care” can be purchased on