"Dear Doctor"

A plea from a patient who thought nothing could be done.

Dear Doctor,
You treat patients with low vision and serve us well. Often, however, we hear “nothing can be done for you”. It’s true, but it hurts. With no additional aid, we soon realize that it is beyond our capabilities to win the battle alone. We need help, and a referral from you to low vision rehabilitation is a solution. Rehabilitation can help almost everyone, and I am certain you recognize this. All primary care physicians refer patients to rehabilitation when necessary, so why not all eye care specialists?
I am not a professional of any sort, nor am I a salesperson. I have macular degeneration, and I co-lead a low vision support group. Monthly, we present videos and speakers on mobility, technology, nutrition, rehabilitation, government aid, and other pertinent subjects pertaining to low vision, but we cannot offer individualized personal rehabilitation. That requires professional help.
Much may be learned about how to overcome the “Why me?” condition and become independent again. Low vision rehabilitation specialists teach many necessary skills: mobility, eccentric viewing, living skills, and how to overcome self-pity and fear of blindness, all of which help achieve and maintain a peaceful and high quality life.
Please help your patients take a big step forward by educating them about rehabilitation opportunities. To make that easier, here is where you will find free resources and materials to distribute, including a link to the SmartSight initiative of the American Academy of Ophthalmology:
Everything is better when we work together, so I appreciate your willingness to consider my request.
Best regards,
Barbara Smith, Co-director
Eye Contact Low Vision Support Group
Sun City Lincoln Hills
Lincoln, California

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