Beovu Safety Under Investigation

Patients who are undergoing anti-VEGF treatment with Beovu (brolucizumab) for wet AMD should be aware that the drug is currently being investigated by the drug’s manufacturer, Novartis, for potential adverse events in some patients. 

Beovu was approved for clinical use in October 2019, and it has since shown to be an effective and long-lasting inhibitor of blood vessel development (neovascularization) in the retina. Two known adverse events, however, are of particular concern to some practitioners. Cases of intraocular inflammation (vasculitis) and retinal artery occlusion, which occurred in 4% and 1% of trial subjects respectively, are now showing up in a concerning number of patients in the clinics. For that reason, Novartis is conducting a comprehensive review of the drug and is gathering pertinent clinical data from practitioners.

Meanwhile, patients are being advised to contact their doctors for treatment if they experience signs of inflammation or diminished vision after Beovu injection. Doctors are also being advised to ensure that no inflammation is present in the eyes of patients prior to injection. In such events, injections should be withheld until the condition has been treated.

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