All About Eyeglasses

For something so important, most people know very little about their eyeglasses.

What do those abbreviations and numbers on the prescription mean? Why do my friend and I have the same prescription numbers, when my vision is so much worse? What does 20/20 mean? If my best vision without glasses is 20/200, am I legally blind? Should I wear tinted lenses? How do I know what kinds of sunglasses are best?

All of those questions are answered in a new video, “All About Eyeglasses”. The 23-minute presentation was produced by MD Support for the April session of the organization’s International Low Vision Support Group. To accompany the video, four downloadable eye tests are provided for self-monitoring between regular exams: a Snellen acuity chart plus tests for tracking visual field, contrast sensitivity, and the potential for inflammation leading to wet macular degeneration. These tests are not intended to replace regular exams, but they are useful alongside the traditional Amsler grid for monitoring visual changes and describing symptoms to others.

The International Low Vision Support Group (ILVSG) provides free monthly programs and materials to affiliated groups of visually impaired senior adults around the world. Since 2006, more than 100 presentations have been produced, most of which are also available to the public in the audiovisual library on this site.

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